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Does your area have a TeamZero team yet?

TeamZero isn't only about pioneering the green landscaping future. Our goal is to make eco-friendly landscaping accessible to everyone - and it starts with you! We're excited to work with you whether you're a small team just getting started, or you're an established team looking to become more environmentally friendly.

Our team can help accelerate the switch to noise-free and pollution-free landscaping services. Our goal is to improve your landscaping experience as a customer or professional.


Option 1

Team Zero Franchise

- You get the equipment
- You get the bike and trailer
- You become a dealer
- You sell the products
- You grow your business

Required investment: approx. $25,000


Option 2

Team Zero Partner

For established, insured, registered businesses within the communities of professional lawn, garden and tree care, and tree nurseries. Simply power your business with Team Zero’s Husqvarna batteries and quiet, emission-free Husqvarna power tools and become a listed Team Zero Professional Partner. Professional partners wear our stealth uniform consisting of the best available merino work socks featuring the Team Zero logo, the green sun rising. 

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